Physical, metallurgical and optical properties

1. Mechanical milling and alloying of metal and metal-ceramic powders
2. Density (densitometry) and specific gravity of all materials
3. Granulometry from 50nm (laser) to 5mm (sieving)
4. Specific area of powders and porous structures by BET ( nitrogen adsorption)
5. Porosimetry by nitrogen adsorption
6. Viscocity of glues, inks, adhesives, solutions etc.
7. Vacuum resistance (self-crushing of foams etc. under vacuum) to 0.01torr
8. Vibration testing to 1000g (10km/s2)
9. Air and water permeability of all porous materials, including membranes
10.Moisture absorption of plastics, paper, card, wood, composites etc.
11. Thermogravimetry of liquids, polymers and reactants
12.Metallurgical examination (and polarimetry) with transmitted or reflected light to 1200X
13.Microstructural examination using Optical and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
14. Image analysis of metallurgical surfaces (after etching)
15. Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) of thin films
16. Determination of surface emissivity of all materials to 1000oC
17. Determination of colour and whiteness of printed material
18. Determination of adhesion of ink and varnish on paper and plastic